Hurricane Dorian: Hurricane reached Canada after the devastation of Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian: Hurricane reached Canada after the devastating Bahamas

After the Devastation of the Bahamas and parts of the US, Hurricane Dorian has arrived in Canada on Saturday. The storm has wreaked havoc in the province of Nova Scotia. Many emeralds and trees fell here. Power has also been cut off in the area, affecting hundreds of people.

Relief and rescue teams mobilized to rescue people

Earlier, rescue and relief teams have been mobilized to rescue the people trapped under the debris and floods following the Dorian storm in the Bahamas. The death toll due to the cyclone has gone up to 43. Prime Minister Hubert Minis said late Friday night that while 35 people were killed in Abaco Island, eight people were reported dead in the Grand Bahamas. Several people are missing, which may lead to an increase in the death toll.

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Rescue teams try to reach all the affected.

Interior Minister Marvin Dems said rescue teams are trying to reach out to all the affected but we cannot remove them through bulldozers due to the possibility of bodies being found under fallen trees and debris. Nothing is going to happen overnight, we have to wait for it. Meanwhile, the United Nations, the U.S. Government, the British Royal Navy, American Airlines have come forward to assist the Bahamas. They have sent food, water, generators, tarpaulins, diapers and torches to help the people in the affected areas.

Bahamas Island’s airport ready for flights

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida said the Ministry of Defence has been asked to provide heavy cargo aircraft to supply essential goods. Interior Minister Dems said the runway at the Airport of Grand Bahamas Island has been cleared and is ready for flights. All the ports in the Bahamas and Abaco islands have been reopened once again. The Dorian storm of Category-5, which came five days ago, had caused extensive damage to them.