How To Take Care Of A Maltese Bichon Puppy?

How To Take Care Of The Maltese Bichon Puppy?
How To Take Care Of The Maltese Bichon Puppy?

The Maltese bichon puppy has an excellent ability to adapt. Cleanliness and obedience will be easy learning for him, and he does not require any special food. The play and maintenance of his long hairs are paramount, as is getting used to being alone.

Intelligent and endearing

That’s it, you fell for her big, affectionate eyes and long shiny hair. Maltese bichons are truly adorable dogs, pets par excellence, nice, playful, sociable, very attached to their master. Maltese bichons are very intelligent.

From the first day, it should be indicated the place of its diaper, which the bichon will easily understand. However, the first night may be difficult, as this little dog develops real anxiety of abandonment. He can moan, he can cry. In this case, cuddle him, reassure him, but be careful, don’t take him in your bed, sir would not want to sleep anywhere else. Male or female, Maltese bichons have much the same character.

Care and cleanliness

The Maltese bichon is above all an easy-going dog with a great ability to adapt. You can ask the breeder for some of his usual food to avoid a sudden change, but eventually, the bichon will not ask for any special feed. Essential on the other hand, toys, since this dog is a big fan of the game: small balls or rubber rings, a toy a little harder for his teeth.

However, beef-skin bones, which contain too much fat and salt, will be avoided. When it is about learning how to clean, again, everything should be easy. Before three months, you can put a mop and newspapers on it and then take it thereafter each meal. After three months, the first walks allow the bichon to quickly get into the habit of doing his needs outside, provided it is always in the same place. Once educated, your companion will notify if needed.

The maintenance of the bichon depends above all on that of its long hairs. Both bichon puppies and their elders demand daily brushing. Finally, the difficulty in education lies in getting your bichon used to being alone. This should be done from an early age, and at homeopathic doses. For example, you can leave him in a room for the first time, with his basket and toys, less than ten minutes, then come back, congratulate him and play with him. Gradually, your puppy must understand that you will always be back.