How to stop being afraid of spiders

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Up to 50% of women and 18% of men sufferarachnophobia. Arachnophobes have so much fear of spiders that I can’t even bear to look at a picture of a spider.

The fear of spiders isone of the most common phobias, and for the most part irrationalbecause they are much more likely to kill a spider than someone.

You may never like spiders, but you can learn to deal with the anxiety they generate.

Tips for Dealing with Fear of Spiders:

1. Expose yourself and face your fears

You have to face your fear to overcome it. When there is a spider, don’t kill it, run away or shout for someone to kill it. Take the time to examine the spider, but taking enough distance in case it is dangerous. Some spiders seem perfectly harmless, but they can be dangerous to our lives.

2. Accept and understand that spiders are a natural part of this world.

Know that spiders are everywhere, it is inevitable. Spiders are native to all continents except Antarctica. You will never completely avoid the presence of spiders.

3. Learn more about spiders

Know which spiders originate from your area are pests. There are very few spiders in the world that are truly deadly. Some regions of the world have higher risk varieties. For those who can be dangerous, there is almost always a cure in the hospital. Understand that spiders are more beneficial than harmful and protect you by removing pests that can spread greater dangers like disease. Know that for spiders, a bite is the last tusk.

4. Begin the process of overcoming fear.

Choose someone you trust and buy spiders and photos to play with. To overcome fear, you must learn to deal with spiders in their presence. Starting with something small like a toy or a picture helps a lot. Sit close to the person you trust and slowly and silently remove the toy or picture and try to sit still for a few seconds. Every day, when you feel comfortable, try to increase the time you spend with the spider in toys or pictures. When you feel comfortable or safe enough, try touching a toy or picture. Over time, when you feel even more comfortable, increase the time you spend in contact with a toy or picture.

5. When you see a spider on the wall, move away and try to look at it until you stop being afraid.

Then slowly approach and stand in front of her for a moment. Keep doing this until you are next to or very close to the spider. Keep in mind that this will not harm you. Then try to scare the spider from a distance. Always watch her. It is important to determine the source of your fear.

It is important to know that spiders do not intentionally attack humans. Spiders bite only in self-defense. Spiders are antisocial arachnids who want to be alone. It is also important to know that spiders scare you more than the opposite. In our eyes they have disgusting features like 8 legs and some are hairy, but in their eyes people are giant and look scary. Spiders don’t want to scare us, they’re curious. Depending on how you react, you may have a small visit and that’s it. But if you panic and try to kill the spider, it will try to defend itself.


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