Hitler’s 28 Ton Gold in Poland

Hitler's 28 ton Gold in Poland

During World War II, Hitler’s 28 tonnes of gold is hidden in a Polish palace. The diary of a soldier involved in Hitler’s army has revealed that he had hidden the treasures in the palace to protect him from the Russian army. Gold sticks, coins, and jewelry are believed to have been placed under the shaft of a well on the grounds of the Hochburg Palace near the city of Wroclaw in Poland, 200 feet below the ground.

Diary of Egon Ollenhauer, an SS officer in charge

The Resertures of the Polish-German Silesian Bridge Foundation has claimed that they have received a diary of a soldier of Hitler’s private army, which says that the treasure was buried here due to the apprehension of Germany’s defeat in World War II. It is said that the treasure was to be deposited in the Reichsbank of the then city of Breslau (currently Wroclaw) in Poland but it could not happen.

It is also said that at the time of World War II in 1945, the wealthy people handed over their valuables to the SS soldiers of Germany to protect them from the Red Army of Russia. If this claim is true, the value of this treasure at present could be more than 1.25 billion euros.

From countries like Poland, the Soviet Union, France, and Belgium, the Nazi army had plundered precious things. During the Second World War, in 1945, when the Soviet Union invaded Germany, it hid these precious things in 11 places.