Healing mud can be dangerous!

Healing mud can be dangerous

Doctors warn that mud therapy can be dangerous to human health. 

According to them, people have been engaged in mud therapy since ancient times. Even, they say, mud cures many diseases. But many, carried away by mud therapy, do not even suspect that mud can both help and harm. 

Like any effective medicine or procedure, therapeutic mud is dangerous precisely because it is effective. According to doctors, dirt is a highly active procedure that has a very serious burden on the whole body. 

Mud can not harm a healthy person, but here is the list of contraindications for him, almost the same as the list of indications. That is why in no case should you independently prescribe yourself a mud bath; this can only be done by a doctor after a comprehensive examination.

It is not without reason that mud therapy is mainly carried out only on the basis of sanatoria. 

The procedure is contraindicated in case of active tuberculosis, blood diseases, HIV, epilepsy, thyroid diseases, lung lesions, any types of bleeding, pregnancy, nephritis, and nephrosis, the presence of any neoplasms, both benign and malignant, hypertension, cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis of any kind. 

But even if the mud baths are prescribed by a doctor, special care must be taken. The active substances contained in the mud can cause serious harm to health during exacerbation of chronic diseases. 

You can not carry out the procedure in the presence of acute inflammatory processes.

Categorically you can not engage in self-medication. Often near ponds, on the banks of which there is healing mud, you can meet people, from head to toe, covered with this same mud. This mud, which vacationers get from the bottom of reservoirs, more than half consists of useless silt and sand, which the body has no use for. But the worst part is that natural untreated dirt can also contain pathogens, and viruses – E. coli, viruses of various forms of hepatitis.

Another danger lies in the fact that after applying dirt to the skin, people in such spontaneous “mud baths” bask in the sun, waiting for the mud to dry. To do this is very dangerous, since the combination of the effects of therapeutic mud and ultraviolet radiation negatively affects one’s well-being, especially the state of the cardiovascular system, provokes the development of cancer and skin aging.