Harald Walach: Scientist who supported pandemic fraud

Harald Walach: Scientist who supported pandemic fraud  Science

German researcher Harald Walach.Anja jahn

The scientific community is still wondering how this could have happened. Defender of homeopathy and another researcher of pseudoscience, German Harald Valach, managed in June of this year to publish two high – impact studies stating that vaccines against covid cause virtually the same deaths what to avoid and what masks they are dangerous for children. Both articles are based on careless calculations and their conclusions are completely wrong. The two specialized magazines that published them Vaccines Y JAMA PediatricsIn a few days they retreated and withdrew them. University of Poznań (Poland), where Walach worked, announced that he will not renew the investigator’s contract. German doctor Edzard ernst, whisk of pseudoscience, launched on your blog a question many others ask, “Is Professor Harald Walach incompetent or a liar?”

Walach, a 64-year-old psychologist without training in viruses and vaccines, has an excellent history. One of his most recent research, based on surveys of 10 Catholic Christians, has arrived at this pray the rosary “It can generate health benefits.” In other previous studies, this leads to alleged cases of distant healing. And also the theory started with relentless concepts of quantum physics try to explain alleged parapsychological phenomena such as telepathy. In 2012 he was appointed Walach “Pseudoscientist of the Year” Austrian Society for Critical Thinking.

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Despite this biography, Walach published the magazine on June 24 Vaccines, Studies who claimed that covid vaccines kill two people for every three they save. Several members of the editorial board of the journal, such as the Austrian virologist Florian Krammer and a British immunologist Katie ewer, announced their resignation after learning of the publication of an article that was immediately disseminated by anti – vaccination movements and pandemic deniers. Vaccines drag the study On July 2, after verifying that Walach had performed his calculations using a database from the Netherlands that contained all the health problems observed after vaccination, even though they had nothing to do with the injection. New Zealand vaccinologist Helen Petousis Harris, who also resigned from the Editorial Board, he summed it up like this“If you analyze garbage data, you get garbage conclusions.”

Harald Walach’s research states that the rosary prayer “can have health benefits”

Harald Walach defends himself. “I’m not an anti-vaccination activist.” I’m a scientist, “he assures. The German researcher claims that the support of the anti-vaccination movement does not question its results and suggests that it is a victim of “political correctness”. In his opinion, his calculations are “correct”, despite the fact that the reality is different: they have already been made 3.7 billion doses in the world and the catastrophe announced by Walach did not occur. In contrast, vaccination has drastically reduced the number of deaths.

How could such misleading studies be published in reputable scientific journals? Vaccines is edited by MDPI, the business giant based Chinese chemist Shu-Kun Lin as more than 330 scientific journals free access. In 2018, ten members of another of his publications, Nutrients, resigned, claiming that the MDPI was pushing them to accept low – quality studies. Because the authors have to pay fees for publishing the article – in the case of Nutrients-, the publisher has a strong motivation to publish, the more, the better, depending on so he warned Magazine .

Eva Mendez, an open science expert at Carlos III University in Madrid, points to gaps in the current scientific system. The European Commission and other international institutions are supporters free access for citizens to the results of scientific research, but according to Méndez, this open science “created opportunistic editorial practices and gave rise to fraudulent journals as well as other frontier journals which, without being completely deceived, developed the predatory behavior of scientists’ desire for publication.” The professor recalls that the current scientific system works with the “irrational and anachronistic imperative to publish or die,” because the success of an academic career is measured by published studies. “Open science [ciencia abierta] It means returning science to scientists and setting aside business interests disguised as open science, “he says.

“If you analyze waste data, you get conclusions about waste,” says vaccine scientist Helen Petousis Harris

Spanish biotechnologist Eduardo Gómez married, from the National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA), is member of the editorial board magazine Vaccines, a position for which he does not receive money. “The editorial editorial review process Vaccines it’s serious and controlled. I believe that what happened to this study is an exception, “he believes. Head of the MDPI Ethics Committee, Damaris critchlow, considers that the publisher “acted swiftly” and points out that the person responsible for publishing the antiviral study was one of the editors Vaccines, also a psychologist Ralph DiClementefrom the University of New York.

Published on June 30 by Harald Walach in a magazine JAMA Pediatrics another study states that children with masks are exposed to unacceptable levels of CO₂ in 45 minors after action. Journal of the American Medical Association downloaded article on 16 July, where he showed his doubts about the equipment used to measure CO₂ and the methodology used by the German researcher. Walach, without training in this area, claims that others are wrong. However, on July 18, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended to all children over the age of two wearing a mask at school.

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