Growing Medicinal Plants In Your Garden

Grow Medicinal Plants In Your Garden

Many ailments can be effectively relieved with medicinal plants. Instead of buying them in the pharmacy, you can also plant them in your own garden. Beautiful side effect: Most medicinal plants are not only useful but also look beautiful in the garden.

Tea from sage leaves works against sore throat and helps with inner restlessness. Chamomile has been a proven home remedy for inflammation, creams and ointments with marigolds help with skin irritation for centuries.

Planting medicinal plants

Many medicinal plants are perennial and are either sown in the first year or brought forward in the room and then placed outdoors from May. One-year-old medicinal plants such as the marigold can be re-seeded every year from April onwards. An attractive way to plant herbs in your own garden is the herb spiral. Due to their shape, plants with different demands on soil and light can also grow in a confined space.

The right location and soil

Most medicinal plants are relatively frugal and like sandy, nutrient-poor soils. This is especially true for Mediterranean plants such as sage, lavender or thyme. The earth should be loose and air permeable. Many medicinal herbs also require only a little fertilizer and can do without water for a few days in midsummer.