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Goodbye UFO;  welcome, FANI |  Science

A recent report by the US National Intelligence Agency o FANI (no, they are no longer UFOs, now they are unidentified atmospheric phenomena) came to give a patina of respect to a popular science fiction theme: the presence of machines of unknown origin (manned or not) in our sky. Many pilots avoided referring to them due to the suspicion raised by these initials and his relationship with the “little green Martians”; the new nomination, officially blessed by the Pentagon, intends to address the matter from a more formal and respectable perspective.

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The report describes a series of observations by military pilots or US Navy ships relatively recently. And he acknowledges the impossibility of determining its nature, at least from the records collected so far.

One of the novelties this time is that some encounters have been observed using a combination of sensors (video, radar or infrared) and there are certainly surprising recordings. On many occasions, the detection was carried out by military personnel who were familiar with his equipment and were less prone to being abducted by extraterrestrial fantasies. In general, each time the radar located an anomalous contact, the functionality and calibration of the device was verified up to three times before and after the incident. Only then was the corresponding official report recorded.

Some videos show vehicles whose behavior is difficult to explain: not only do they move at high speeds, but they also perform very sudden maneuvers that seem to ignore inertia. Images are always blurred, partly because of the distance at which they were acquired, partly because they are usually low-resolution infrared records.

Although it is difficult to discern the shape of these objects, none show anything like wings or wing profiles. Foreigner still: in more than a dozen cases, no propulsion system was observed; no propellers, no jet engines … If this should be confirmed, Newton’s third law applies …

The FLIR sensors on the nose fighters were supposed to detect at least a heat trace from the exhausts, although it is true that secret nozzles inject cold air into their nozzles to reduce the infrared “signature”. It is such an efficient system that sometimes they are equipped with reflectors so that the radar can detect them.

The report in question acknowledges that the combination of speed and agility that these objects exhibit exceeds anything in the American arsenal and, as far as is known, in other powers. If known.

Several countries have developed hypersonic means (so-called those that exceed Mach 5, ie five times the speed of sound). These are usually unmanned missiles; the only hypersonic plane with a pilot was X-15, retired many years ago, and of course the space shuttles and space capsules that re-enter Mach 25. But these are vehicles that do not fly at low altitudes, such as those described in the Pentagon report, much less performing such sudden maneuvers. .

The report in question acknowledges that the combination of speed and agility that these objects exhibit exceeds anything in the American arsenal and, as far as is known, in other powers. If known. Because some advances in military technology have been made public for a long time. For example, a prototype of an “invisible” fighter The F-117 took off in 1977But his first – and blurred – photograph did not appear until 11 years later.

In parallel with the publication of the report, details of several observations related to military personnel were released. Two years ago, corvette USS OmahaHe sailed off the coast of San Diego (where an important naval base is located, by the way) and found a spherical shadow a few feet in diameter. The video it shows it at an almost constant height above the horizon until it begins to sink and disappear into the sea. No splashing water can be seen (although this may be due to low video resolution). Subsequent searches of the area revealed no debris or signs of crashing.

Other accidents show that several radar contacts are flying in swarms, suddenly disappearing or sometimes merging. The video from the radar screen shows a ship surrounded by eight or nine intruders, at random trajectories, distances and speeds. And it was not a short or sporadic phenomenon. The record is a splicing of three sequences that occurred intermittently for so many days.

The Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of the images, although it is classified according to the official report. Both videos were published on the Internet. They were recorded, it seems, from the CIC (Combat Information Center) in Omaha. They do not appear to be official recordings, such as the previous ones, which come from the aiming cameras of some F-18 fighters. Rather, these are videos obtained using cameras held manually on the ship’s monitors and on the radar screen, so the images are quite blurred and unstable. The one who disseminates them most through his website is an audiovisual producer Jeremy Corbell, author of mythical reports Area 51 even paranormal phenomena. Everyone is free to say whether this origin threatens the credibility of such videos.

But what keeps military analysts from sleeping is not the possibility of an alien invasion, but rather the fact that these vehicles are not real and are actually electronic “ghosts”: signals generated to confuse radar and give the impression of a solid object. It is one of the many tactics used in electronic warfare. Create fake targets, such as large formations of non-existent aircraft, or manipulate the return of an enemy radar signal so that the aircraft appears to be elsewhere.

This would explain that the sightings were from ships or military aircraft. If so, the impression could not have been more real. With current technology, we would be talking about a first-level simulation, because it not only deceives the radar, but also another series of electromagnetic sensors; But if we go back five years when these incidents started to register, we would face truly exceptional abilities. Many countries have made great strides in electronic warfare techniques. Not just Russia or China; Other less conspicuous ones such as Taiwan, India or Australia. And this is a specialty where no secrets are shared.

Could someone test their electronic baits using the navy as a guinea pig? It makes no sense. These technologies are maintained with maximum reserve precisely in order to take advantage of the surprise effect; they are methods of deception: they have discovered the “bluff”, all its effectiveness is disappearing. However, this is a hypothesis that remains a concern for the Pentagon.

Rafael Clemente He is an industrial engineer and was the founder and first director of the Museum of in Barcelona (now CosmoCaixa). He is the author of the book One small step towards [un] man (Dome Books).

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