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Foreign health insurance: how to choose a reliable company

Summer is a time of holidays and extreme tourism. When traveling abroad, each of us must acquire compulsory health insurance. But is this insurance valid abroad? The hero of our next story acquired sports insurance, but could not use it, at least, so says.

Climber with experience Viktor Timoshchuk left in June to conquer the Italian Alps, but this time the climb failed. A stone fell on a man’s foot, caring Italians, along with friends, called medical attention to the mountains.

Victor was taken to a local hospital; on the way, the victim informed his insurance what had happened to him. When the doctors said that surgery was necessary, the man was counting on his policy. However, the insurance company refused to send a letter of guarantee and contact any contact.

For four days of his wanderings in three hospitals, the insurance company did not help Victor in any way. Local doctors did cast and gave painkillers.

They simply delayed the time, did not contribute to any solution to the problem. They did not provide any advice to me, 
– the victim Victor emphasized.

The man said that the insurance did not fulfill their duties, company representatives only corresponded with him in vibe. And yet, the victim took the insurance out of the plane already in Kyiv and transported it to her native Volyn, where the man underwent surgery. They assure of the insurance itself, the victim violated the terms of the company and did everything at his discretion, but he did not need an urgent operation.

Vasily Zumbach, a member of the board of the insurance company, explained that foreign health insurance has many pitfalls.

The fact is that there is urgent help, that is, the policy provides protection for urgent help when there is a threat to life. And only if all necessary actions are taken to stabilize the patient and the patient feels more or less enough, then medical evacuation is carried out according to the doctor’s testimony, 
”said, Vasily.

The insurance company added that the medical expenses of the clinics – which is 359 thousand hryvnias – were paid. Lawyers said that insurance companies are not clinics, but customer support abroad, which should find the necessary help at the right time. If the victim first went to the doctors, then it’s okay, the main thing is to provide information about his whereabouts, as soon as possible insurance. They will try to minimize costs.

The injured Viktor Tymoshchuk is now being treated. Lawyers advise people who find themselves in such situations to collect all checks. Then to contact the insurance for a refund.

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