First aid for animals with insect bites

First aid for animals with insect bites
First aid for animals with insect bites

An insect bite can cause an allergic reaction in animals.

Insect bites, such as by bees or wasps, often trigger an allergic reaction in animals. These are usually painful, so you usually notice if your animal has been stung, for example because it screams loudly, runs away or nibbles or licks the affected area. Most of the time, the environment of the insect bite swells significantly.

Insect bites in the mouth or throat of the animal can lead to shortness of breath due to the swelling, which is sometimes life-threatening. In addition to a localized allergic reaction, an insect bite can also lead to a so-called anaphylactic shock. Therefore, pay attention to shock symptoms such as fast pulse, shallow breathing and pale mucous membranes in your animal.

What are the causes of insect bites in animals?
Insect bites in animals are most often caused by wasps or bees in this country.

How do I provide first aid if my animal has an insect bite?

In the event of an insect bite, you can provide first aid as follows:

  • Try to locate the stitch site.
  • Cool the area using a cooling element or by dipping a rag in cold water and laying it on.
  • Never place ice bags or frozen cooling elements directly on your animal’s skin (risk of frostbite), but wrap them in a cloth beforehand.
  • If your animal has suffered an allergic shock as a result of the insect bite, follow the first aid measures in case of shock and take your animal to the veterinarian as soon as possible.