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Emphasis on Beekeeping: 10 thousand hives in Berlin, 1.20 million people linked to Beekeepers Association

Beekeeping is in full swing in Germany these days. There are 10,000 beehives in the capital of Berlin alone. People are so beekeeping that bees are also rearing on the balcony and bikes of their homes. Members of the German Beekeepers Association have grown tremendously in six years. The number of its members increased from 92 thousand in 2013 to one lakh 20 thousand in 2019.

‘People worried’ by climate change

Benedict Pollack, president of the Berlin Beekeepers Association, says: “Many people are worried about the dwindling number of bees due to climate change. These people want to do something to increase the number of bees. However, the number of bees in the city is increasing. This is because of the lack of proper habitat for them.

Berlin has said the number of beekeepers is increasing. Bees can also be seen in offices, roofs of houses, and hotel galleries. The problem is that most beekeepers are novices. They don’t know much about beekeeping.

The Berlin Beekeepers Association has appointed more than 50 volunteers. They do 24-hour duty. They have to see how the bees are being shifted and it is not causing harm to the people. Many people are also bee-raising in the frame of the car roof and bicycle wheel.

As the number of beekeepers increases, incidents of people are also increasing, says Jonas Horning, who has planted 100 beehives. People are rearing bees in the entry, balcony, crevices, and windows of the house.

Beekeepers normally have a breathable box, a sheet of tarpaulin, B brush and lemongrass oil. People are also advised to wear safe clothes. Horning says: There is a trick to make a bee colony. You sit the queen bee. The rest of the bees follow him.

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