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Earthquake in Myanmar: Tremors caused by the earthquake in Myanmar, India

Strong tremors were felt in Myanmar at 08:19 a.m. on Monday. The intensity of the earthquake was measured at 5.1 on the Richter scale. Detailed information is awaited. The tremors were also felt in Nagaland. The European Mediterranean Seismological Center, EMSC, said the quake measured 4.7 magnitudes 4.7 km east of Tuensang, 132 km east of Nagaland.

According to reports, the aftershocks of the earthquake in the North East have led to the sighting of Afra Tafari. The epicenter of the earthquake is said to be under the ground in Myanmar. The Met Department said tremors were also felt in Dibrugarh, Dimapur Sadar, Imphal, Nagaon and Silchar areas of India. Earlier, light tremors were also felt in Manipur on 17th of this month. The intensity of the earthquake was then recorded at 2.9.

Tremors were also felt in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. The report said the intensity was recorded at 5.3 on the rich scale in Bulala area, 36 km northeast. The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the epicenter of the quake was 7.92 latitude and 159.34 degrees east longitude at a depth of 55 km. However, in view of its low intensity, no tsunami warning was issued.

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