Discover the specialty of Bêtes de Science this summer!

Découvrez le hors-série estival de Bêtes de Science. © chendongshan, Adobe Stock

As an accompaniment during the holidays, discover the summer special edition of Bêtes de Science. Hosted by Élise and Pierre Kerner, La Nature sur Écoute invites you to explore stunning research stories around the cries of animals.

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Instead of going on vacation this summer, the Futura podcast team offers you an escort during your, exclusive meetings. Discover La Nature sur Écoute, a special edition of Bêtes de Science, our podcast dedicatedintelligence animal. In the format for young and old, join Élise and Pierre Kerner, popularizer of science, author and creator blog Strange things and fun things. During the three meetings, we invite you to listen to three stories of amazing explorations in the fascinating world of animal crying.

In this first episode, discover how the musical preferences of one species of frog led to the creation of two different species. In another, discover how a parasitic fly contributed to the formation of mutant locusts on the island of Hawaii. And finally, find out why your cat misses a few clicking sounds by watching the birds through window your living room. At the same time, continue to meet Marie de la Boîte à Curiosités every other week, with new animal behaviors that are still amazing.

This year, Futura celebrates its 20th anniversary. 20 years of discovery, research and popularization of science.

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