Detecting warts and treating them properly – Don’t stand up under any circumstances

Detecting warts and treating them properly - Don't stand up under any circumstances

In the pool, sports and sauna: when many people walk barefoot, it happens that viruses enter the skin’s top layer through smaller injuries and cause small warts. How to treat tumors correctly.

Most warts are harmless. However, because they look ugly, are annoying, sometimes also pain and above all, because they are contagious, it is necessary to treat tumors. However, it warns the Lower Saxony pharmacists chamber to scratch warts or using sharp objects such as knives, as many people do.
The Board advises the pharmacist to inform yourself about what type of self-destructing is possible.

These are the possible methods:

Small or flat warts can be refuted using a nitrogen applicator. After one to three treatments, they usually fall.
Special patches or solutions containing salicylic acid or lactic acid that is carefully applied may dissolve the melting shells. To protect the surrounding healthy skin from corrosive substances, it should be covered with a fat cream.
Warm hands or foot baths: After that, it can be softened with the upper layer of skin gently removed with lamplight. Depending on how deep and thick the wart is, treatment may take several weeks.

When to go to a doctor:

  • If warts do not respond to treatment
  • very deep bitter warts or massive infestation
  • In case of unclear skin, to rule out skin cancer
  • Warts in the buttocks and genital areas

What are the warts types?

Most warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Depending on the species, the harsh bounce balances in various areas of the body.

Soles I: Here the so-called mosaic warts can spread, which often seem equally numerous.
Soles II: There may also be heavily harvested Thorn warts, which are characterized by black spots. They grow deep into the skin and often cause pain when running.
Face and fingers: You can create so-called ordinary or vulgar warts. They appear scaly and cauliflower-like and have a PIN-head-to-Pee size.
Face and hands: flat warts, also called plan warts, can be a socket. These are usually only a few millimeters small and, as the name implies, quite lame. They appear, especially in children and adolescents.

How to Prevent

Good for skincare: Dry skin, it helps to rely on cleaning cleaners as well as nourishing creams and not shower too hot.
In the pool or after showering, make sure that the dry toe and finger spaces are well.
Do not share towels or wash-ups with potentially infected individuals.
Strengthened immune system and good blood circulation also reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, the Executive Board recommends regular exercise in the fresh air and a balanced diet.