Delirium is an important cause of annual forest fire accidents

Every year in the second half of the fire-hazardous season, usually starting in August and with a gradual increase during the fall, Russia searches for all kinds of exotic causes of forest fire accidents – whatever, the main thing is that they are not related to the poor work of lawmakers, the greed and unprofessionalism of officials. Among these reasons, there is certainly a place for enemies (were without them), physical processes unimaginable in real life, and otherworldly forces. Someone invents these reasons seriously, someone jokingly, but often these inventions receive enviable attention from the media and propaganda, create additional informational noise, and contribute to reducing serious discussion of the causes of almost annual forest fire accidents to frank buffoonery.

It is clear that adequate professionals will relate to such ideas and such informational noise accordingly. But how many important managerial decisions in the field of forest protection from fires are made by adequate professionals (especially decisions regarding the financing of forest powers delegated to the RF subjects, the formation of a legal framework for forest protection from fires, etc.)? And you see, inadequate and (or) laypeople, and they really will think that the fires are due to the “Washington Regional Committee”, and that “the Ministry of Emergencies – well done.” Obviously, each of these assumptions can lead to a whole fan of erroneous managerial decisions, and even their combination – even more so.

Dreamers may well recall other, slightly forgotten reasons, for example, about the self-ignition of gases released during decomposition of animal corpses, or about the ignition of dry moss from sparks, deer and wild boars pouring from the eyes, when they accidentally hit a tree while running, or the fact that astronauts throw undamped butts from the windows of the International Space Station, etc.