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Dehradun, India: 8 more dengue reports

So far 642 people have been found suffering from dengue in the district of Dehradun. While 25 dengue cases have been reported so far from other districts also. As such, the number of dengue cases has gone up to 668 across the state. So far, the cause of death of six patients has also become dengue. The government machinery is also on the remarque of the ongoing dengue cases.

The kind of preparedness that the system had earlier claimed to be in the prevention and prevention of the disease seems to be at the forefront of mosquito activity. As in the past days, on Saturday, the health department and municipal teams visited different areas and briefed the people about the prevention and prevention of dengue disease.

District Vector Borne Disease Control Officer Subhash Joshi said that 21 teams were deployed in the anti-dengue operation. Physicians, pharmacists, technicians, ASHAs, ASHAs, ASHA facilitators and municipal officials visited the areas of Raipur, DL Road, Dharmapuri, Bhagat Singh Colony, Vani Vihar, Ladpur, Tapovan, Balbir Road, Madrasi Colony, Chandernagar etc.

During this period, 4163 houses were surveyed. Here 390 people were found to be suffering from common fever (viral). While 166 houses have found larvae of the dengue mosquito. The municipal chief municipal health officer also challaned the people living in seven houses where the mosquito larvae were found in a large quantity. Water tanks, empty utensils, coolers, tires, etc., in the houses where mosquito larvae have been found, were destroyed. People have also been asked not to deposit water in empty utensils and maintain cleanliness in the vicinity.

15 students reported having puffed hands-on dengue

There is no denying that the sting of dengue is continuously deepening. Some rumors are also going viral on social media. So, the health department is running without any reason. The same thing happened on Saturday.

In fact, information on social media went viral that 15 students of the prestigious Welham Gullers School have been dengue. On this, the Chief Medical Officer of the district, Dr. S.K. Gupta invited the municipal team along with on-going doctors, lab technicians, and staff nurses. The team spoke to the school management in this regard. The school management said that no student has been diagnosed with dengue. Continuous cleaning and fogging are done on the premises. Coolers and water tanks are also being kept clean.

The team then examined the presence of mosquito larvae in school premises and hostels. But the larvae were not found on the premises. The Chief Medical Officer said that the report of the team has been received. No student has been confirmed to be dengue in the school. He said people should avoid creating a sensation by making such information viral on social media.

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