Decree on the regulation of the fox population canceled in the maritime Seine

The administrative court in Rouen canceled the order of the prefect of Primorska Seina, which approved the slaughter of 1,430 foxes in five months, we learned from the register on Tuesday.

The summary judge of the court suspended in September 2020 this decree of 20 July 2020 by which the lieutenants of the Seine-Maritime puddle from July to December 2020 approved the “regulation” of the fox. On Friday, justice repealed the ordinance.

The court rejected the prefecture’s arguments one by one. First, the mileage index (IKA), which consists of counting the number of individuals per square kilometer, for foxes is “lower than the national average and remains, despite a slight increase in 2019, stable in the region. Seine-Maritime Department”.

At that time, according to the judges, no significant damage was done by the fox to the poultry farms in the department presented by the administration.

The prefect also mentioned “the risk of spreading human-borne diseases.” But “alveolar echinococcosis, if it proves to be particularly dangerous for the human species, is still a rare and stable parasitic disease in France,” the court underlines. Above all, “regulating the fox to reduce the risk of contamination is ineffective,” as it “reduces the predation of small rodents that remain largely responsible for zoonotic transmission,” according to the ruling.

As for “sarcoptic mange”, “it is clear from the documents in the file” that it is a “benign disease that is rarely transmitted to humans and whose recovery is spontaneous”.

These actions follow complaints from One Voice and the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

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