Cyclone Nisarga Hits Maharashtra-Gujarat Coast

Cyclone Nisarga Hits Maharashtra-Gujarat Coast
Cyclone Nisarga Hits Maharashtra-Gujarat Coast

The cyclone is likely to wind up at a speed of 120 km in the event of the Nizam’s whirlwind touching the coast in Maharashtra late tomorrow.

The weather report found that the extreme newcomer, formed in the Arabian Sea, has become a hurricane of Nisarga. The weather center is warning that the cyclone will touch Maharashtra coast late tomorrow.

The cyclone will be intensified by midnight today. Harihareshwar and Daman on the Maharashtra-South Gujarat coast would climb into the shore at around 3 pm tomorrow afternoon through the middle. The wind will come into the shore through Alibaug in Rae Garh District.

It is warning that the air will swell up to 120 km per hour faster. The current location of NISARGAA is 280 km away from Panaji. Authorities warn that winds will blow at a speed of 120 km per hour. The Disaster relief authority in the state has been given extreme caution as the intensifying pressure on the Arabian Sea has become a revolving storm.

Meteorological Centre to intensify the ultra-radical newcomer Nisarga Cyclone which was formed in the Arabian Sea today. It is likely to wind up faster by up to 125 km while touching the coast, which is aimed at the Maharashtra-Gujarat coast. The wind will climb into the shore of Alibaug in Raigad district.

The wind is currently blowing at speeds up to an hour. It has been warned that landslides are likely in Alibaug. The lower areas of Mumbai city will be flooded with heavy rains, wind, and sea climbing storms. Harihareshwar and Daman off the Maharashtra-South Gujarat coast and climb to the shore at around 3 pm through the middle of Wednesday afternoon.

Nisarga hurricane-turned newcomer will create a heavy blow in the districts of Muby, Pal Gardiner, Thane and Raigad in Maharashtra on Wednesday afternoon. An injunction was announced in Palghar. The electricity connection is disconnected.

The orthodoxy will be more complex as the Nisarga also reaches Gujarat and Mumbai, where the COVID is most devastating. Hundreds of people have been evacuated. The Gujarat government has evacuated as many as 35,000 people from the coastal districts of Bharuch, Surat, Navsari, and Vazaad.

In Maharashtra, more than 21,000 people have been evacuated in Pourghar district, District collector Kylie Shinde was quoted as saying by PTI.

The NDA has been sent to Maharashtra and Gujarat by the National Disaster Force (NDFR). Director-General S. N. Pradhan said. 33 groups were deployed in the two states. More groups are being prepared.

Days ago, the Amphan cyclone had a devastating impact on Bengal and Odisha. Hundreds of people died following the Amphan hurricane. The new cyclone is making its debut on ‘ Nisarga ‘ only days after the Amphanr terror. The ‘ Nisarga ‘ is forecast not to intensify as the Amphan hurricane. However, it is likely to get strong winds and rains following ‘ Nisarga ‘ on Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka Shores. People have been kept away from these places. There will be strong showers in Konkan and Goa.