Climate: appeal against Castex and other ministers before CJR

EU envoy Pierre Larrouturou and activists Cyril Dion and Camille Etienne filed a lawsuit against Jean Castex and four ministers before the Croatian Court of Justice on Wednesday for their inaction against climate change, they told AFP.

This complaint of abstinence from the disaster is also addressed to environmental transition ministers Barbara Pompili and economy Bruno Le Maire, as well as to transport delegates Jean-Baptiste Djebbari and Housing Emmanuelle Wargon, according to a text seen by ‘AFP. Only the CJR is empowered to judge the actions of members of the government in the exercise of their functions.

“Every day we see the climate crisis getting worse. The monster is running away from its creators,” Pierre Larrouturou told AFP.

“The state has been condemned for its inaction and despite that we continue to put patches. And the ministers don’t have much to do because they don’t feel directly affected,” he said. He adds.

The complaint, which cites disasters already suffered by France, insists on the “inadequacy” of the “Climate and Resilience” law adopted in the first reading in the Assembly and its “waivers” in relation to the proposals of the Civil Convention on Climate Change (CCC) arises.

“By their inertia, the decisions they have made deliberately and repeatedly, the ministers responsible for organizing and financing the fight against climate change are participating in this + crime of humanity against life + that Jacques spoke about. Chirac in Johannesburg,” the appeal said, in connection with the speech. from 2002 in which the former president launched “Our house is burning and we are looking elsewhere”.

The prosecutor’s goal is not to “cut off heads” or send ministers to prison, but to “force them into action” before the final adoption of the climate law, Mr Larrouturou said. That is why only members of the current government are targeted.

“With this threat, they may think twice before making decisions that affect the lives of millions of people,” said young climate activist Camille Etienne.

Filing a lawsuit “is one of the most effective nonviolent strategies, even if the steps are quite long,” commented Cyril Dion, one of the guarantors of the CCC.

In a decision that NGOs consider historic, the Paris Administrative Court recognized in early 2021 the state “responsible” for failures in the fight against global warming. In the second case, the government must justify its action before the Council of State.

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