Chinese paddlefish, the first extinct species of 2020

Chinese paddlefish, the first extinct species of 2020
Chinese paddlefish, the first extinct species of 2020

Animals are part of the environment and are considered as fauna, as there are different types of animals. Unfortunately, it has only been just four decades to extinguish the animals of the Earth, not to care for and respect them, since disappearing from the Earth will not see the species again.

The year began with news that is not good at all, as the first species found in extinct level was already released, through the publication of Science of the Total Environment he made known the name of the first extinct species that is the giant rowing fish.

Officially the giant oarfish is considered endangered, and which further makes it the first extinct species of the 2020 new year, unfortunately, the endangered species is increasing every time, disappearing completely from Earth.

The study revealed that the mega-ecosystem found in China’s Yangtze River was a large home inhabited mostly of aquatic animals, but is greatly affected by the various factors that arise, which led to the fish being taken giant paddle to extinction.

The only one of the existing members there is the spatula fish or elephant fish that comes between 34 and 75 million years ago, which have existed on Earth. It is known as the king of the river, as it is one of the species of fish that inhabit freshwater and reaches approximately 7 meters in length.

The study also noted that the extinction of this animal will go back at about some point between 2005 and 2010, but researchers have only let a while go by to release the news.

A report on which they were based indicated that in 1981 and 2003 lasts there were approximately 210 sightings about this fish, which they considered likely extinguished and could not be reproduced in 1993 in such a way that it was completely extinguished.