China: Pets Are Also Victims Of Coronavirus

China: Pets, Also Victims Of Coronavirus
China: Pets, Also Victims Of Coronavirus

While the most severe quarantine has been imposed on the thousands of Wuhan residents, domestic animals are collateral victims of this virus.

Day after day, the death toll from coronavirus in China continues to rise, with 361 deaths, more than 349 Sras victims in 2002-03. The provincial health commission reports 2,103 new confirmed cases of infection in Hubei province, bringing the current toll to more than 17,200 infections

Masks, glasses, and suits are starting to run out in China to slow the epidemic, now reported in more than twenty countries around the world. Containment is spreading, roads are cut off, rail links suspended, most flights canceled. In addition, most businesses and factories will be closed until February 9. But we forget other invisible victims of these measures adopted to contain the epidemic: pets.

A hashtag to take care of animals

Indeed, many Chinese who, during this period of holidays and Lunar New Year celebrations, had left their homes to visit their families. Travelers who have not been able to return home, and whose pets remain alone at home. So much so that some call via social networks those who are still there to take care of themselves. Indeed, some have been away from their homes for more than ten days, and have left behind a cat, a dog… or a baby snake!

A hashtag “Save the pets left in Wuhan” appeared, and in a few days became the third most used on Weibo, used millions of times. Especially since, the disease has appeared on the market to Wuhan’s live wild animals, rumors, unverifiable, talk about killing some animals in order to stop the epidemic. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) considers it necessary to remind its Weibo account that there is “no evidence that dogs, cats, and other pets can contract the new coronavirus.”