Cataclysmic climate decline warns IPCC

As in 2014, for its fifth assessment report, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) regrets “summary of decision makers” of the nearly 5,000 pages of his sixth report that appeared in print. Although the work of the three groups that make up the IPCC (knowledge of climate, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation to climate change) is a summary of recent rigorous scientific studies, the summary is the subject of a review. ‘Review of government bodies. This is a specificity of the IPCC: its principle is the international community, ie 195 UN member states. At the current stage, the summary is therefore proofread by governments and scholars in charge of final writing. The published version consists of sentences and whole paragraphs in square brackets, the text of which is still under discussion. It is not a question of censorship but of seeking consensus on the words to be used. The content distributed by the press comes from the second re-reading of governments and experts that took place between December 4, 2020 and January 29, 2021. It is therefore far from the final text, even though the main lessons are the latest advances in science will not be fundamentally changed. In a press release issued on June 23, the IPCC recalls that “draft reports are given to governments and reviewers as confidential working papers that should not be distributed or publicly quoted. There is a lack of respect for authors who must be given time to complete their writing before publishing the work ”. Thinking wishes for a document that is currently circulating in hundreds of hands around the world.

Preliminary version obtained by AFP

Climate change has inevitably changed life on Earth. And in a tangible way until 2050. That is the tone of the draft report of UN climate experts given to AFP. Regardless of the rate of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the devastating effects of global warming on nature and humanity will accelerate, the IPCC assures. “Life on Earth can recover from major climate change by evolving into new species and creating new ecosystems, (…),, humanity cannot “, records a technical summary of 137 pages.

No comment “as long as the work is in progress”

The draft report, written by hundreds of scientists attached to the IPCC, oscillates between an apocalyptic tone and the hope given to people to change their destiny by immediate and drastic measures.

The 4,000-page comprehensive assessment report is much more alarming than the previous one from 2014. Its purpose is to inform policy decisions. The document will not be officially published until February 2022, after it was approved by consensus by 195 member states. Too late for key international meetings on climate and biodiversity scheduled for the end of 2021, some scientists note. In response to this publication, the IPCC declined in a statement to “comment on the content of the draft report while the work is in progress”, like climate scientists like Valérie Masson-Delmotte (see tweet above).

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