Calf With Human Face- Gene Mutation

Calf with human face born in Argentina

Over the past few months, we have been seeing the news on animals with various mutations appear, such as a cow with a leg protruding from its head. Currently, the “Daily Star” reports on a bizarre mood of nature, which takes on human traits on closer inspection.

Calf with human face born in Argentina

A video of a calf with a human face is currently circulating on the Internet. This was reported by the Daily Star. The calf was born in the village of Villa Ana in the province of Santa Fe in the north of Argentina with a deformed skull.

The eyes stand far out and are reddened all around. Through the far too small nose and the tiny mouth, a grim-looking man seems to look towards the viewer. What looks like a sensation is a terrible deformity that cost the kitten its life a short time later.
Video: A Calf with Human Face Born In Argentina
Source: Youtube

Mutated calf with human face died shortly after birth

Apparently someone wanted to capture this sight and used the animal for his video. Unable to lift his head, an unknown person held his head into the camera. It is not known whether the animal was studied and what gene mutation led to this human face. According to geneticists, it is probably a very rare genetic mutation in the calf’s DNA.