Artificial rains to fight fire in Serbia

“Avialesopreservation” has begun attempts to artificially cause rains in areas of Siberia where forest fires continue. This is stated in the statement of the department.

A special An-26 probe aircraft took off from Irkutsk on August 1. That headed north to the fire-affected areas. “The launch by FBU pilots of the Air Forest Guard into cloud-based pyropatron systems with iodine silver initiates the process of rain formation. Without such impact, clouds can develop and stay in the atmosphere without spilling long-awaited rains over the fires,” the agency said.

In Ust-Kut, the plane will refuel and fly to the next region – the Evenki district of Krasnoyarsk region. The department explained that the choice of places where they will try to cause precipitation is related to whether the clouds suitable for this have accumulated.

The Avialesopreservation reported that similar work had already been carried out in July. Pyropatrons with iodine silver, which should cause rain, sprayed almost over 100 fires. “In 67% of cases, medium- and high-intensity precipitation containing kilotons of water fell over fires,” the agency reported.

On Vladimir Putin’s orders, the Ministry of Defense has already joined the fight against fires. Ten Il-76 aircraft and ten helicopters with special devices for water discharge were sent to Krasnoyarsk region. U.S. President Donald Trump has offered Russia help in extinguishing fires in Siberia.