Antarctica Turns Green with Algae

Antarctica Turns Green with Algae
Matt Davey from the University of Cambridge sampling snow algae at Lagoon Island, Antarctica (Credits: Sarah Vincent)

The impact of climate change can be seen all over the world. Antarctica is also not insulated from it, the snow-white mountains have begun to change their color. In Antarctica, green snow mountains are now visible. These snowy mountains have rapidly changed their color. 

Anyone’s mind will be mesmerized by the white snow-laden mountains of Antarctica. But now the process of turning itself into green by these mountains is shocking. Scientists from all over the world are concerned with this unusual activity. 

Scientists say climate change is killing the whole world. The impact can also be seen in Antarctica. The reason behind changing the color of mountains in Antarctica is the change in the environment. Due to climate change, the color of snow is changing from white to green. This change can be understood in such a way that it can be clearly seen in photographs taken from space. 

Scientists have told, algae the reason for converting from white to green. And that there are long-standing algae in Antarctica. Scientists said that the algae have increased, which has led to the change of snow in the mountains from white to green. British explorer Ernest Shackleton has given this information.

The European Space Agency has submitted data for the last two years through sentinel-2 satellite. The surface of Antarctica was analyzed properly. Cambridge University and the British Antarctica Survey have teamed up to prepare a map. This map shows the rapid growth of algae. In particular, the quantity has been found to be high on the Antarctica plateau coast. Carbon emissions have increased considerably. 

According to a Reuters report, scientists have reported that they are examining where the algae are growing and whether there is scope for rapid growth in the future. Algae are typical of the fact that they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Scientists are saying that this directly means that carbon emissions have increased in this area.

Scientists say carbon emissions have increased considerably due to the journey of UK petrol cars in the area. Scientists are researching not just green but also red and orange algae. However, these algae are not visible from space.