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Afghan hound

Afghan hound

The Afghan Hound, or Afghan, is a hunting breed of dog. Looks like Saluki, with thicker hair. It was first brought to the West in the late 19th century by English officers who served on the Indian-Afghan border. The dog has a height in the withers about 70 cm, a long silky coat.

 According to research conducted by scientists at the University of British Columbia under the direction of Stanley Koren, Afghan is one of the most difficult dogs to train.

Afghan greyhounds are loving and playful dogs who love to communicate with humans. Most of all, they get close to one or two people from the family. These dogs need a lot of attention and love from their owners.

Afghan greyhounds are not suitable for keeping in a house with very young children, because these dogs are often skittish, they can react sharply to loud, sudden sounds and sudden movements. However, in general, dogs of this breed are very patient towards children and like to spend time with them.

Well-socialized Afghan greyhounds usually go well with other pets but can chase small animals (decorative dogs, cats, rodents) that are not incomprehensible to them.

Afghan greyhounds are fast and nimble dogs. In addition, they are skillful jumpers, so low fences are not a significant obstacle for them, this should be taken into account when keeping an Afghan on the territory of a private house.