5 times higher cholesterol found in urban crows, due to Cheese Burger

5 times higher cholesterol found in urban crows, due to Cheese Burger

Like humans, cholesterol grows in crows, especially those living in urban areas. According to researchers at Hamilton College in New York, the cholesterol levels among crows living in urban areas are 5 times higher than those in rural areas. Research reports have cited the increase in cholesterol as the reason why cheeseburgers are over-eaten in urban areas.

The negative impact in future

The researchers took blood samples of 140 crows from urban and rural areas and examined them. The researchers also examined their body mass and the amount of fat present in the body. The investigation found higher cholesterol levels among the crows living in urban areas. According to research, humans are the major cause of rising cholesterol levels.

Sometimes people feed cheeseburgers to crows, sometimes the pieces left on the ground says researcher Andrea Townsend. Although the cholesterol of birds is increasing, it is difficult to say how much it will affect their health. The effect may not be visible yet, but in the future, the negative impact may be on them, since it is visible in humans after many years.

Researchers say increased cholesterol in birds will not affect every species. According to the team of researchers, the survival rate of crows living in urban areas has been found to be low but cholesterol does not bother them. This makes their body even more suitable for living in the nest. Cholesterol-growing cases have been spotted near the canary island in Spain, where the human population is high.

Researchers from Hamilton College in New York research on 140 crows in urban and rural areas.
Researchers claim the biggest reason for this is humans who throw leftover burgers to the ground.