22 Million Animals each year for experimentation in the EU

Nearly 10 million animals are used each year in basic and applied research, testing and teaching, with over one million procedures (about 11% of the total) with a “severe” level of animal suffering, the highest and not alleviable. And another 12.6 million animals bred to maintain colonies of genetically modified and/or suppressed animals for redundancies and supply of tissues, “coming to an incredible figure of 22 million”. These are the ‘ecatombe’ data of the European Commission’s report on animal testing, which is being reported by the Anti-Vivisection League (Lav). “A key promise of the 2010/63 Directive,” the association stresses, “was to provide tangible results towards the complete replacement of animals in research. However, the Commission’s reports illustrate how far the EU is from a significant transition to non-animal model science.’ The report, “resoundingly,” adds Lav, states that at least five Member States do not carry out inspections without warning, while nine appear to fail to meet even the minimum control requirements of one third of the plants per year. Italy barely reaches 40%.” And the ‘Belpaese’ ranks, by number of animals used, well in fifth place behind England, Germany, France and Spain. “Thanks to animal experimentation,” says biologist Michela Kuan, head of Lav Research Without Animals, “we are anchored in a failed model. Only with concrete support for research based on substitute models, starting with more funding, will we be able to promote effective and ethical research.

Now, we hope that, at least, the opportunity, in the approval of the Milleproroghe decree, to see the bans already envisaged since 2013, that is, to no longer test drug addictions, alcohol and smoking on animals, will not be wasted; That is why we renew our demands on Minister Hope.”